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Did you know can read on a Chromebook?

posted Aug 30, 2014, 4:04 PM by Monica Weick   [ updated Aug 30, 2014, 4:06 PM ]
If you're looking to buy e-books try one of these sites. For a Chromebook reading is done through the browser. Although, most of these are available as apps on other devices as well. I do recommend that you pick one or two ways to access e-books (just to avoid confusion). 
Buy books one at a time:
  1. Amazon - Kindle  --> A well known e-book publisher. Using an amazon account, purchased e-books can be accessed online using the Kindle Cloud Reader (online through the web browser). These books are also available on Kindle devices and via apps on Windows, Android, and iOS. 

  2. Barnes and Noble - NOOK --> Another well known e-book publisher and it maintains all of the same bells and whistles as Amazon Kindle, except that it is compatible with the NOOK apps across the board. So if you already have a NOOK, or have purchased Nook Books, then maybe this is the choice for you. 

  3. Christian Book Distributors (CBD) --> Proudly present an e-book option (via the CBD reader) as well. CBD also offers a wide range of apps and ways to access their books, including the web browser. 

  4. Google Play Books  --> Another place you can purchase and read e-books. Like the other apps this is available across devices. Google boasts that they have the LARGEST selection of books available.  

Don't want to buy each book, try a subscription service: 
  1. Amazon - Kindle Unlimited--> Unlike the traditional Kindle books, Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that allows for a reader to read as many books as he/she wants to read (for a monthly fee), except that you don't own the books. 

  2. Oyster --> It claims to be the Netflix(tm) for books. It's available with many devices, as well as, via a browser. Like the Unlimited Plan from Kindle, it's a monthly fee.

  3. Scribid --> Another service like Oyster. It's a subscription service for BOOKS! Read as many books as you want for a monthly fee. 

Libraries that offer downloadable media:

Last, but definitely, NOT least many libraries offer FREE downloadable media (like e-books) to their members. Books and other media are downloadable for a period of time. Many libraries offer such services, so be sure to check out your home library. If your library offers downloadable media, please let me know and I will add it to this list. 

  1. Indianapolis Public Library                         
  2. Hamilton Eastern Public Library