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New News with Google Classroom!

posted Jan 15, 2015, 9:54 PM by Monica Weick   [ updated Jan 18, 2015, 5:51 AM ]
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Google classroom released an update. 
(most information from @GoogleforEducation  and the selected YouTube videos)

Google Classroom - in case you didn't know. 
Do you know about the system Google developed for GAFE schools called Google Classroom? GAFE released this in the FALL of 2014 (for the 2014-2015 school year). If you haven't seen it yet check out this video from when it was released.  

NEW Features- Check it out! 
Both students AND teachers can now take a picture and add it to Google Classroom WITHIN the NEW MOBILE APP! That's right, an APP is now available for iOS and Android. This app also allows for sharing from one app, picture, document, PDF or file directly into Google Classroom! In addition, there is now a way for students to use parts of Google Classroom offline, that's right, offline! Yahoo! Google Classroom just keeps getting better and better. 

In addition to new ways to add information to Google Classroom. Teachers have now been given two long-awaited features: 

    1. Assignments that a teacher needs to track 
        It's the "homework list" for teachers. Which assignments have I graded? Which need to be graded?             What an awesome idea. I wouldn't have even thought to add this. Wow! People have fantabulous,            simple, but awesome ideas. 

    2. The ability to archive a class  
        Do you teach a quarterly class? Or did a class on your schedule change? Maybe you don't want to             delete an old class (want to allow students - and yourself-- access to the materials that were               posted to Google Classroom, but don't want it to interfere with your active classes. NOW it can be          ARCHIVED!!! I felt like a little kid, this is an AMAZING idea. Now if only they would allow archiving             (or hiding) of specific assignments within a class [You can change the name of your class here             too]!

Changes keep coming. I look forward to seeing the next set of updates. It just keeps getting better! I wonder where this is it going next?