Star Students

Hey HCS students check it out. You can see how many stars your class has earned right here on my website. 

How Stars are earned: 

You (as a class) have the opportunity to earn up to 5 stars for following directions and doing your work. Start with 3. Stars will be added or removed depending on how well you do. To begin, students need to earn 60 stars. Once 60 stars have been earned that class will earn a prize.

Reading 6 - Period 1    Reading 6 - Period 3    Writing 6 - Period 4     
Writing 6 - Period 5    Reading 7 - Period 6    Reading 7 - Period 8

In addition t
o earning stars, as a class, student's have the opportunity to earn tickets individually. Coming to class prepared, doing your best work, and respecting people and property will allow for each student to earn at least one ticket per class. Occasionally students can earn extra tickets by doing something totally unexpected (in a positive manner), or doing something extra to help me (Miss Weick) out. 

Tickets can be used to buy a wide array of prizes, check out the catalogue posted below.